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Condos are The Right Type of Housing for Seniors

March 2, 2018

Many seniors are still living in their family home -- purchased years ago for a large family, they now find that the house is more than they need or want. However, that house puts them in a great financial position – with the money they make on selling their current house they can move into a condo and bank the rest. At this stage in life, you may be on a fixed... Read More

Downsizing from a House to a Condo

February 23, 2018

In the life cycle of families, once children are grown and move away to college or jobs, parents find themselves living in a home much larger than necessary for two people.  It’s a time when couples start thinking about downsizing into something smaller or better sized for their new lifestyle. There are many benefits to downsizing to a condo at this stage in... Read More

Urban Sprawl & Growing Pains – Condos Bring Sustainable Densification Cities Need

February 14, 2018

Urban Sprawl - Toronto has Run Out of Room to Grow Out The traditional way that cities grow is from the inside out, as people search for more house to accommodate their growing families. This was especially true in Canada after the second world war, when factory jobs in the suburban outskirts were more plentiful and so was land for putting down homes and roots. It led... Read More

Preconstruction Condo Vs Resale Condo – The Differences in Purchasing

February 6, 2018

If you’re looking to get into the real estate market but not sure whether to buy a condo during the preconstruction phase or one that is completed and up for resale, you have many factors to consider.  The decision comes down to more than money & timing – choosing a condo is a long-term investment that affects many aspects of your life. Here are a few... Read More

Explaining Condo Maintenance Fees

January 31, 2018

Owning a condo unit always involves maintenance fees that are above and beyond the purchase price.  These fees, paid monthly by the owners of every unit, go towards the building’s reserve fund to pay for maintenance and operation of the condo building & shared amenities.  The monthly fees are based on projections of what it will cost to maintain the building in... Read More

GO Transit, RER & the GTA Regional Commuter Rail Network Expansion

January 19, 2018

The expansion of GO Transit, Ontario’s regional transportation network, has been a critical driver of growth in the Greater Toronto Area.  A service that includes commuter rail and a large bus network, GO allows for easy travel between the GTA’s various cities.  With so many jobs in Toronto, but limited high cost housing, thousands commute every day from cities just... Read More

Toronto’s Outdoor Skating Rinks

January 9, 2018

Ice skating is a timeless winter activity, and Toronto residents have many excellent outdoor skating rinks to choose from.  Rather than staying inside your warm condo this winter, bundle up, explore the city's outdoor skating rinks and lace up those skates! The Bentway Skating Trail Opening on January 6th, this is a brand new park developed under the Gardiner... Read More

Tips for Hosting a Party in a Condo

December 27, 2017

Living in Toronto, there are tons of restaurants, pubs & bars to enjoy time with friends, but sometimes it is nice to host close friends in the comfort of your own condo, and it's certainly better for the budget. Here are some tips for hosting a party in a condo: Clear the Clutter Hide any unnecessary items, clear off the counter of appliances - like the toaster -... Read More

Muskoka Winter Activities

December 19, 2017

Only a short drive from Toronto, Muskoka's cottage country is a hot summer destination for many Canadians across Ontario, but there are plenty of activities in the area to be enjoyed in the winter months as well. The Legacy Cottages community on Lake Rosseau embodies the best that Muskoka has to offer all year long. Here are some of the Muskoka winter activities that... Read More