The Condo Store executive team is committed to the principles of trust, integrity, stability and longevity.

SIMON S. MASS - Chief Executive Officer

Simon S. Mass

With over $5 Billion in generated sales revenues the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to being a high volume player in the industry.

With a development and landlord foundation dating back two generations, Simon S. Mass has and continues to be the lead player in the high volume pre-construction industry in Toronto and other Canadian markets as well as Internationally. With a simple, no nonsense approach that has endeared him to many developers and investors alike, he manages to keep the rules of the game simple and easy to follow.

The underlying philosophy is good old fashioned business, that is, everyone involved in a transaction needs to be pleased and in a position to make a profit so that repeat business becomes the norm and not a fading fad. This approach has allowed Mass and more importantly, TCS clients, to reap the rewards of incredibly impressive ROI’s that have ranged from 30% to 100% per annum on their initial investments into the pre-construction condominium market.

To enable TCS to offer the very best investments, Mass has and continues to travel extensively to garner and improve his relations with developers and international clients who are seeking to invest in Canada. Having spent the bulk of his career in the real estate industry, Mass is widely credited with establishing the wholesale/bulk market segment that is a significant component of the Billion dollar plus annual Toronto pre-construction market.

Investing in as little as of 5 to 40% of a project within a very short time span, Mass has managed to capture the eye of the leading developers who seek to sell their projects to qualified and respected investors with little or no risk. In addition to his involvement in a number of charitable endeavors, Mass is a proponent of venture philanthropy and is active in encouraging entrepreneurs to participate in strategic philanthropy.

Mass has been featured in Bloomberg, Canadian Business, Canadian Real Estate, International Architecture and Design, The Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Condo Life, Condo Guide, TCHAD and many other print, televised, and radio media.


JOHN MEHLENBACHER - Chief Operating Officer

John Mehlenbacher

A forward thinker in the industry with $5 Billion/14,000+ units sold with his input, his level of experience is unsurpassed. From 2012, land assembly and sales have become the new area of focus.

With a drive that’s every bit as inspiring as it is profitable for our clients, founder and COO John Mehlenbacher leads The Condo Store’s diverse team of creative and technical minds. Mehlenbacher challenges and inspires his team to create some of the industry’s most innovative solutions to marketing and selling of pre-construction properties.

A native Torontonian, Mehlenbacher jumped head first into the sale of pre-construction condominiums in the mid 1990’s. He started his career with the launch of 500 and 550 Queen’s Quay on Toronto’s waterfront. An early adopter of technology, Mehlenbacher was one of the first to offer the concept of one-stop-shop.

Over the next ten years, he earned a reputation for spearheading top-notch sales for Canada’s leading master planned community developer, Concord Adex developments; a firm that has been in the forefront of re-facing the Toronto skyline. Mehlenbacher’s efforts in both effecting and managing the sale of over $2 Billion / 7,000 suites was regularly recognized through several coveted industry awards.

Intrigued by the internet buzz for international property offerings, in 2004, he and a number of his associates got together to discuss the myriad of possibilities of this new medium and to assess its impact on the industry. Six months later, he expanded his services to include the utilization of interactive sales and marketing tools, linking his clients to major international developers from all over the globe, including the Far East, Dubai, and to the center of the financial World, the United Kingdom.

Over the next seven years, the ten person boutique firm has grown to a 120+ person interactive company and subsequently took on the name ‘The Condo Store’. With a variety of divisions, the firm has managed to capture a significant market share with relative ease, and, more importantly, an ethical, refreshing and upfront approach to the needs and wants of developers. Offering a three pronged approach to the industry, The Condo Store operates independently in these vastly competitive and challenging fields; In-House Sales and Marketing, Full Service Real Estate Brokerage and the ever popular and internationally recognized Bulk Investment Group that has become the leading force in Canada’s pre-construction industry.

Today, Mehlenbacher leads The Condo Store to a new level by fostering ideas to innovate the real estate sales and marketing arena.


MARK COHEN - Managing Partner (TCS Marketing Systems)

Mark Cohen

Mark has redefined client service beyond the status quo. With over $9 Billion/32,000 transactions over the lifespan of his career, his unsurpassed experience is second to none.

A founding partner at The Condo Store Marketing Systems, Cohen’s concept that good client service is as individual as the clients themselves is inherent in our business model.

His goal is to fully understand our clients’ needs, because only then can we determine how best to service them. He accomplishes this by staying in close contact with clients, and by having a hand in the day-to-day management of their business.

As Senior Vice President, Cohen provides the vision for TCS’s expansion into the in- house sales and marketing arena. A pioneer in the developer mentality of real estate sales, he has more than twenty five years of hands-on experience leading industry giants such as Bramalea Limited, Menkes Developments, Concord Adex developments, and Tribute Communities in strategic sales, marketing, design, and management, helping achieve significant success with a vast number of projects and communities, both low rise and high rise in nature. At TCS, Cohen has established a unique environment where creativity and problem solving are cultivated within the confines of a select group of clients and developments.

He leads, inspires, and ultimately challenges every architect, ad agency, and real estate strategist to imagine and create new ways to make our clients’ developments relevant to their customers needs, and to ensure that these are the very best that they can be. His inventive work has garnered industry praise and has been acknowledged by the receipt of many awards both locally and provincially. These include recognition and a large variety of substantial awards from BILD, (the former Greater Toronto Home Builders’ Association), the Durham Home Builders’ Association, and the Ontario Home Builders’ Association. Cohen was awarded the BILD’s Riley Brethour Award, a pinnacle award given annually to an individual responsible for lifetime contribution to the industry, and consistent excellence in sales and marketing in the Greater Toronto Area.

A passion for the industry and over 20 pre-construction sites currently under management, the sky is the limit as to where the company’s objectives continue.


Parmiss Ghooparanloo

A decade of excellence in the Toronto pre-construction and re-sale real estate market with over $150Million in sales. It goes to prove that honesty, integrity and a full time commitment to clients needs is key in this industry for continued success.

Ten years is not a long time in any industry, especially the competitive and fierce World of International Real Estate but for Ghooparanloo, the last decade has proven to be one led by a pure commitment to achieving an unsurpassed level of success that allows her to be part of the top 1% of the Canadian REALTOR community. With an eye for architecture, interior design and arts, Ghooparanloo has captured a leading position in a niche arena, that being, pre-construction condominiums. Over the past few years, this once niche market has grown to become a leading force in Canada’s on-going World dominance in high rise construction with year after year record breaking sales achievements for Ghooparanloo and TCS.

Ghooparanloo has been recognized as a leader through dozens of industry awards for achieving phenomenal sales volume at over 25 major high density condominium communities in Toronto. These communities have now mostly been completed and clients return on investments (“ROI”) have been well in excess of industry standards. With ROI’s ranging from 50% to 500%, it’s safe to say that clients have been in awe of their condominium investments and the continuous referrals that have come through speak volumes for Ghooparanloo’s work ethic and the TCS business model. With very little need for advertising, and the constant word of mouth referral’s garnered through her client network, Ghooparanloo has and continues to be a force to be reckoned with in this industry. News media sources regularly seek her comments and advice on market conditions.

As Broker of Record at TCS, she is in command of a stellar boutique brokerage that provides a full service, turn-key business environment for any and all real estate based services. These include, pre-construction, new homes, re-sale, lease and property management.

TCS Realty continues to grow exponentially with Ghooparanloo’s guidance. In the coming year, with an array of new and exciting social media marketing drives, there will be huge potential for many new clients to share in the success that has and continues to be part of the TCS story.

ONKAR DHILLON - Director of Operations

Onkar Dhillon

In an industry where subjectivity reigns, Onkar Dhillon has enlisted an undeniably pragmatic approach to his involvement in over 30,000 condominium transactions over a 10 year span.

A TCS founding associate, Dhillon is the company’s longest-tenured senior manager and has led an unprecedented period of growth for TCS. In 2015, he was promoted to Director of Operations for TCS’s Marketing Systems divisions serving GTA’s premier new home developers. Dhillon’s path to leadership mirrors that of TCS itself – with his sharp focus on creativity and cutting-edge innovation, his emphasis is always about enhancing the value for our business partners, his conviction and dedication to teamwork.

Under John Mehlenbacher’s mentorship, Dhillon started his career with the launch of 500 and 550 Queen’s Quay on Toronto’s waterfront. Over the next five years, he continued his unique approach to sales and marketing analytics at Concord Adex Developments; the largest master planned community in the history of Toronto.

Within the TCS Marketing Systems division, Dhillon leads one of the industries premier Sales and Marketing teams with over 20 pre-construction sites under management and counting. Under his leadership, TCS Marketing Systems has one of the industry’s most comprehensive strategic sales programs.

Dhillon’s vision has led to a number of industry-leading innovations in integrated sales and marketing, pricing analytics, and industry specific technologies, highlighted by many of the recent successful projects undertaken by TCS Marketing Systems. He continues to provide organizational input to TCS as a whole with focus in six areas, these being strategic planning, technology, international sales/marketing, finance and administration.

A continued dedication to innovation in todays new-home marketplace is where Dhillon’s emphasis is at this time.

ANGELA WOOD - Brokerage Manager

Angela Wood

For the past two decades, Angela has served as a distinguished leader creating high performance organizations.

Wood brings a wealth of experience and corporate expertise that crosses a number of industries from coaching entrepreneurs’ to advisor and being involved in business development for Fortune 500 companies. She sets an example of excellence with her impressive record for cultivating top performing sales teams to achieve individual leadership potential, and to enact transformational change to fulfill corporate vision for expansion and increased market share.

Highly regarded as an educator, public speaker, business development trainer, market strategist and mentor, her great energy, intelligence and ability to get exceptional results for her clients are among her powerful attributes. Wood possesses a positive personality, high integrity and a serious level of commitment to high standards of service to her team members and to a variety of third party service providers during the course of her day-to-day activity.

Since joining the real estate industry in 2001, Wood has enjoyed ongoing success as an accomplished sales professional with the honor of being the recipient of numerous sales achievement awards.

Wood is greatly fulfilled as a hands-on manager who oversees the daily operations and implements one-on-one coaching and training programs. A strong and committed advocate of education, Wood works tirelessly to promote responsible business practices. With her exceptional industry knowledge, revered reputation for fairness, keen negotiating skills and supportive management style, she is the go-to resource for developing a successful brokerage; it is no wonder that so many REALTORS have blossomed under her leadership.

Wood’s goal is to maintain a well-run brokerage and a very close-knit positive working environment where REALTORS learn, grow and feed off each other to enable them to provide an enhanced service to their clients. Wood has been an integral part of the success of many business owners, executives and REALTORS across Canada and the U.S. She is an active member of the Toronto Real Estate Board, Ontario Real Estate Association and the Real Estate Council of Ontario. In addition, Wood has served and continues to serve on several charitable foundations.